Bundie Fans

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 “… I have loved the (Bundie Belt)! It has improved my life greatly! I had to have a feeding tube inserted two years ago and I have had ongoing problems with leaking. The Bundie (Belt) has solved that problem. It is extremely soft, comfortable and easy to use. It simply goes on like a belt and easily adjusts. I hope this is something that will catch on and help change other people’s lives. I will certainly be recommending it to everyone! Thank you so much for a wonderful invention!”

Therese Wrye   

” …I met Jody during her service as a foster mother for the medically fragile children in the Hale Malama program.  I am the pediatric medical consultant for the program and am very knowledgeable of her exquisite care for the children placed in her home.  It was during one of our many in-service meetings that she came up with the unique idea of making clothes to accommodate children who require G-tubes, NG-tubes, or central lines.  She knew first-hand how limited her choices were in dressing these children.

It’s so exciting that clothes are more available for these children.  Bundiebaby clothes are functional and adorable.  The mother of one of my patients appreciated her clothes tremendously.  She felt it enabled her to take her daughter out more often and function more “normally”.

Before Bundiebaby clothes, it was difficult to locate appropriate clothing.  She not only emphasizes practicality with each outfit, but also a lot of creativity.  Her clothes provide a wonderful service to the families of medically fragile children.”…

Priscilla J. Alfaro, M.D.

To Whom It May Concern:

Please allow this letter to serve as a stellar personal introduction and endorsement of Jody Williams, Founder and President of BundieBaby, LLC.

My name is Chris Chun and I currently hold the position of Executive Director of a non-profit organization called Aloha Harvest. I have also spent 5 years as the first Executive Director of Hawaii’s Ronald McDonald House and during my tenure there, I witnessed firsthand many parents of preemies and special needs infants and babies and the daily challenges they faced.  Many of them would have benefited greatly from the thoughtfully and creatively designed line of BundieBaby products.

I can personally attest and pay tribute to Jody Williams’ ethics, integrity and moral character as Jody and her wonderful family temporarily foster parented my own grandson, Nalu, who was born prematurely weighing only 1 lb. 2 oz. at birth. Jody and her family have fostered numerous special needs babies and it was her hands-on experience and knowledge of design that gave birth to the wonderful line of BundieBaby products.

I strongly urge you to consider using these wonderful products and recommending their use to others who are either parents or caregivers of special needs children. In my opinion, they should be available in every neonatal intensive care unit, every children’s hospital and through every pediatrician’s office.  These specially and creatively designed functional garments may very well save an infant’s life and there is no more valuable gift or responsibility than that!

Fond Aloha,

Chris Chun
Executive Director
Aloha Harvest
Partnering with you to feed Hawaii’s Hungry

“The love and care which has gone into the design of the Bundie is what impresses me the most. The outfits are cute and adorable yet functional and practical for care givers. During therapy I can neatly wrap and tuck the excess tubing into its very discreet pouch”.

Deborah T. Tom,

“I want to express my thank you for the excellent outfit for my special G-Tube baby. Having fostered several G-Tube babies, I think you have a great product for the special needs of these babies. It is very convenient and I like the fact that I simply lift a pocket flap without having to undress my baby to feed him. It makes my job a lot easier and my baby a lot happier”.

Aurora Ponce,
Licensed Therapeutic Foster Parent

“When (our baby) was ‘off’ feeding and when we were doing other things with her, the (G) tube always fell out and would hang out from the diaper – we would tuck it under the diaper tab. Now we can put the long Foley tube in the pouch and it won’t drag during her regular activities/exercises or going out for walks, etc”.